Leader Pharaoh 26″ prototype

Frame: Leader Pharaoh 26″ prototype
Fork: Leader Reaper
Rims: Mavic EX721
Front Hub: Odyssey Vandero v2
Rear Hub: Sadio Spark
Front Tyre: DMR Moto 2.4
Rear Tyre: DMR SUper Moto 2.2
Stem: CULT
Bars: Volume trickster v2
Grips: S&M
Headset: Animal
Sprocket: Profile 48 splined, 36T
Bottom bracket: Stolen mid bb
Cranks. Stolen Team 2.5, 175mm, 48 spline
Pedals: Animal Hamilton plastic
Straps: Zontrac
Seatpost: Alienation pivotal
Seat: BSD fat pivotal
Chain: KMC half link

Initial thoughts: This bike feels good, really good. The steep head tube angle and the long seat tube help retain an upright, track influenced geometry capable of being thrashed around the streets, grinding ledges and rails and getting from A to B. Even with 175mm crank arms and my feet sticking far out of the straps barspin clearance is no issue, and yet the bike still feels compact and maneuverable. The negative bottom bracket took a while to get used to but now i feel comfortable on it I am not looking back. Tyre clearance is in abundance, and my 2.2 slips into the rear, albeit not quite slammed but it sits very comfortably, as does the 2.4 up front. I cant really describe just how stoked i am on this frame, it feels so sick!

MANY MANY MANY thanks to the people at Brick Lane Bikes for the frame and forks. Again love for Zontrac, The straps are amazing thanks so much!!


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