Inspirational BMX

Most bmx edits i watch are immpressive in skill and power but not in creativity and fun

Heres some of my favriote edits and riders which have kept me majorly inspired to push myself

I have a feeling that Fixed Gear Freestyle has lost a lot of creativity as i see a lot of riders doing the same tricks at the same spots on the same bikes

Lets try keep our sport unique 🙂


2 thoughts on “Inspirational BMX

  1. Hi sol met you in the park on the first o may, you guys are great i`m trying to get the council to get of there arses and get them to put together a good street skateing area were you can hold comps and get your name out there. Keep it up:)

    • yooooo it was great meeting you man hope you enjoy our videos ive been thinking a lot about this comp and would love for you and your friends to be involved in making it successful so we can do it again add ninjacats london on facebook so we can talk more there

      Really going to make this area happen 🙂

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